The recently redesigned Samsung Series 3 Chromebox may feature many of the same internal components as the original device, but it also features a new design that departs from the look and feel of an Apple Mini.

Originally released in Mid-2012 the update to the device offers a new cosmetic look but keeps with Samsung’s original vision for the internet-connected device.

Featured on the Series 3 Chromebox is an Intel Celeron B840 processor clocked at 1.9GHz and Intel’s integrated HD graphics. Samsung also keeps RAM capped at 4GB alongside a very limited 1GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

Samsung Series 3 Chromebox

Buyers can also expected to receive Wi-Fi connectivity over 802.11n, 6 USB ports, a DVI port and 2 display ports. Also included for the Series 3 Chromebox is a 2W mono speaker.

The new Chromebox has went live on the Samsung website for viewing purposes, although pricing for the device has not yet been announced, nor has a release date for the Google Chrome OS powered device. The previous version of the Series 3 retailed for around $300.

Samsung is being met by increasing competition in the Chrome OS sector as Google releases its own notebooks and other OEM’s including Acer begin to offer higher powered devices for lower prices around the $199 to $249 price point.

Here is a look at the old version of the Samsung Chromebox:

Samsung Chromebox Original

As Google continues to extend its internet connected offerings, specifically its document editing and cloud storage capabilities we may begin to see a shift towards more Samsung Chromebox type devices, the question is whether or not Samsung can find the right mix of features to make purchasing its new devices worthwhile.

Have you jumped on the Google Chrome OS bandwagon or do you want to see more from Google before you make the leap?

[Images via Electronista]