Reports from industry insiders suggest that Samsung is preparing to launch a new Galaxy device for European markets. The announcement for the rumored 5.8-inch screen device is expected to be made shortly. Samsung has been on a roll, releasing new devices left, right and center. With recent releases in the Galaxy S series as well as the Galaxy Note series not yet faded from public memory, it seems like Samsung has its foot on the pedal and looking to consolidate.

A New Fonblet Device

The new device is being touted as a Galaxy Fonblet. You might be wondering as to why the odd-sounding term is being used to describe the device. The reason behind it is that Samsung is trying to create the perfect hybrid of a phone and tablet. Hence, the Fon comes from phone and Blet from tablet. However, there has been no official word on the matter so far from Samsung. The only spec confirmed so far is the 5.8 inches screen size.

Samsung to Announce ‘Fonblet’ in European Markets

Fonblet for European Markets

The reports further suggest that Samsung is targeting the European markets with the new device. As of now, it is being called Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 and will be launched first in Europe, followed by a worldwide release. Samsung will officially announce their plans regarding the Fonblet in the days to come. The rumors have also suggested that the device will be white in color initially. It is not known whether other colors will follow in due course.

The OS

The most important thing consumers today want to know about new devices is the platform they will be running on. As far as the Fonblet is concerned, it is going to run on Android Jellybean 4.1. This means that users will be able to download a wide range of games and apps from Google’s Play Store. The choice of OS also means that Fonblet will join a select few devices which run on Jellybean by default. Till now, the choice for fans of Android versions 4.1 and 4.2 is limited.

Final Word

Up till now, it does seem as though Fonblet is going to be a great device to own. After all, it combines the features of smartphones and tablets hence serving a dual purpose for the users. Its features and the fact that it will have the same display as Galaxy Player 5.8 ensure that Samsung has a surefire winner on its hands.


[Image via vr-zone]