Steve Jobs’ Venus, a high-tech, minimalist yacht has been impounded in Holland after the designer filed a claim he has not been paid the full amount for his work. Jobs had commissioned the yacht and finalized the designs but had not been able to see it due to his untimely demise. The yacht had been unveiled by his heirs a couple of months back. For now, the yacht can be viewed in the Port of Amsterdam where it has been kept after being impounded.

The French designer Philippe Starck has claimed that Jobs had agreed to pay him €9 million for the project. Starck claims that he has received €6 million while the remaining €3 million are yet to be paid. Starck called upon a team of debt collectors who then impounded the yacht. The authorities at the port have confirmed the fact that the yacht cannot be moved from there. They have been instructed to keep the yacht till the dispute is settled.

The lawyer representing Starck has said that they are not going to allow the release of the yacht till a final payment is made. According to his lawyer, Starck and Jobs were on cordial terms while working on the project hence the agreement designed for the deal is not very detailed. This is the reason why Starck is yet to receive the final installment of his remuneration. Starck however has refrained from making any comments about the case.

Venus had been a dream project for Jobs and he spent €105 million on it. Named after the Roman goddess of love, the yacht has a very unusual design keeping in line with Starck’s other ventures. He is known the world over for his work which is why Jobs selected him to work on the project. The yacht had taken five years to complete from the initial designs to the final work. Jobs unfortunately didn’t live to see Venus finally sailing.

The responsibility for clearing the dues of Mr. Starck lies with Jobs’ heirs. Apple would try to distance itself from the case as much as possible but that is difficult. Since Jobs’ death, whenever his name has come up, Apple has been mentioned as well. This is one case where Apple has no involvement whatsoever. Only time will tell whether Starck receives his claim or not and if Apple’s name gets dragged into the case as well.


[Image via pursuitist]