A lot has changed in 2012.  Some technology trends have grown while others have all but disappeared.  We’ve seen a growth of all things mobile and a decline of the personal computer.  Now it is time to turn to 2013 and make predictions about what trends will be popular for the coming months.

Mobile Payment Options

This is a continuing trend and one that is moving in different areas.  For one thing, more coupons come from a smartphone today instead of being clipped.  You can use specific apps or get them in emails.  Loyalty passes are also being stored on the phone as opposed to a card in a wallet or a key chain.

Tech Trends for 2013

The next trend that may come is allowing people to pay with their smartphones instead of paying with the credit card.  The credit card information would be stored online.

Improved Health Care

Health care is another area that can benefit from mobile devices.  On the patient side, they can already use their smartphone for many health tools such as fitness resources, food information, and tracking for exercise and diet.  The next thing would be to have apps that record blood pressure, blood sugar, and other statistics that can be transmitted to a doctor’s office or saved for a medical visit.


3D printing has made its debut and may become more well-known throughout the world.  These printers will also become more affordable for consumers.

Expect competition to heat up in 2013 from the big players for smartphones, tablets, and other devices and software.  Microsoft and Research in Motion are battling to get toreinvent themselves and move toward the top of smartphone sales, while Google, Samsung, and Apple compete to create the best devices.

Another trend you can expect to see continue and grow is with new user interfaces where people have new ways to control and operate the devices.  You may see advances with motion control like what is used on game consoles.

A trend that you should expect even though it isn’t positive is the increase in cyber attacks on mobile devices and more complex attacks all around.  Users need to be prepared to protect themselves, their devices, and their private information.

[Image via vaultencrypt]