Everyone has compiled their lists of the best video games to come out last year. For those of you who haven’t bought any new games in awhile, you want to spend your money on only the best. While each list varies with who is number one, there are some familiar names you will see on all of them.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown This game might not have ranked number one, but it was a favorite on lists. This is a classic tale of Earth fighting an extraterrestrial invasion. However, instead of just a mindless blood bath, this is a game of strategy.

Mass Effect 3

The ending on this game keeps it from ranking number one on most lists, but it still makes the top five thanks to the numerous moments during the game. Another sci-fi game, this one combines intriguing dialogue with impressive combat.

The Walking Dead

This game not only made the lists, but often topped them. Perhaps it is the story behind the battles that intrigued the players with the escaped convict and the 8-year-old girl he must protect.

Halo 4

Considered the best of the series, Halo 4 Combines a memorable story with fascinating coop missions and an online multiplayer mode, this game made it exciting to destroy aliens.

The Best Games of 2012


This game usually ranked at the bottom of top five lists but it was consistent. It’s a dark action with a story to the game. Players can choose between several strategies to complete their required tasks and advance through the levels.

Other games that either made it on to some of the top five lists but not all or were listed just outside the top five include Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands 2, and Far Cry 3. This tells you that while they may not have been as memorable or outstanding as some of the others, they are solid games that are worth purchasing.

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