A Taiwan-based PC accessory company has launched the world’s first ‘ring-style’ mouse.

Genius, which also creates keyboards, speakers, headsets and webcams, among other products, said the lightweight touch cursor acts as a wireless wearable computer mouse.

The Genius Ring Presenter, which slides over the finger, uses ‘touch control air-presenter technology’ and is aimed at business, travel, education and i-users.

The updated gadget, which was a talking point at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, gives the user full access to control PowerPoint slides and is ideal for presentations as it also includes a laser pointer, which can work at a distance of up to 10 meters.

The Ring Presenter comes with the in-air mouse function allowing the wearer to use actual mouse features, such as cursor movement in any direction and also has options to drag and scroll along.

One ring to rule them all?

A spokesman from Genius said the Ring Presenter, which is available in a variety of colours, is a ‘cutting-edge technology innovation’.

The Genius Ring Presenter Finger Mouse

“Ring Presenter is a great tool for browsing internet pages and documents in locations such as on the bus, plane and school lectures. It’s a high value, human-oriented touch controller that is worth showing off – there is nothing better than Ring.”

The device has five buttons and can be charged through AC input through the USB charger cable.

The Ring Presenter, which has a natural rubber ring for comfort and finger grip, is available in blue, gold, pink, purple, green, black and silver and is priced around $50.

[Images via spendwisor & indiatechware]