Sony Entertainment announces the up-coming release of The Last of Us. Naughty Dogs’ innovative, movie-like, and deeply character driven game, will take you to a beautiful, yet graphic world of horror and survival action.

The Story

The player will control Joel, a hardened survivor and hired gun. He has been paid to smuggle fourteen year old Ellie (AI controlled), out of a military quarantine zone and through a landscape plagued by humanoid creatures who have been infected by a mutating fungus. Experience their adrenaline pumping journey through theUnited States, as they try to flee the military that are after Ellie. Avoiding and fighting the infected ones and the desperate, hostile survivors, become their daily lives.

Interactive Play

Although The Last of Us has a motion picture quality in its stunning graphics, and emotionally intense story line, you will still be in control. The developers of this ground-breaking entertainment, created a game mechanism they call “Dynamic Stealth” which will cause different reactions of those you encounter, depending on your actions and personal game strategies.

When can you play?

Sony has announced that the release of The Last of Us will be on May 7th; however, this game is for PlayStation 3 exclusively. Gamers, with the wrong console, whine with disappointment as they fill the game trailer’s comment boxes with complaints. And honestly, can you blame them? This game looks incredible! But, will it be enough to entice you to purchase a PS3?

Pre-Order Bonuses

If you are one of the many who have been waiting anxiously for this one, check out the pre-order bonuses. When you pre-order from Game Stop™ you will receive two bonus packs. The Survival Pack contains bonus experience, multiplayer melee booster, special items for a multiplayer character, in-game currency, and bonus skins for Joel and Elle. The Sight and Sounds Pack includes a digital download of the game soundtrack, a dynamic theme depicting Joel and Ellie on their journey and two exclusive PS3™ avatars.  You are definitely given a lot of incentive to order before the release date. Will The Last One be a must have for you?

[Image via totallygn]