The most successful Kickstarter project of all-time will attend the 2013 Customer Electronics Show.  Pebble has raised over $10 million on the crowdsourcing site, a massive $500,000 in its first day.

What makes the Pebble different from other watches and is the reason it is so popular is that it syncs with your Android and iPhone.  You can access content from your phone on your watch and get alerts for notifications you set up. Imagine how much easier it would be to sneak a peek at your watch in a meeting than pulling your phone out of your pocket. When you want to get rid of an alert, you just shake your wrist.

The Pebble Kickstarter Watch Goes to CES

Pebble has planned a press conference during the CES. Fans and supporters of the watch are hoping it tells when the product will be available and when it will be sent out to supporters.

The other great thing about Pebble is the apps that are being developed for the watch. It is the apps that make Pebble customized and gives you a watch that is yours alone. Control your music from your phone by skipping or repeating tracks with just a touch of your watch. Developers are encouraged to create more apps that can be used with the watch to enhance its use.

Not only can you customize how your Pebble works, you can customize how it looks. It uses outdoor-readable electronic paper for the display that can easily be changed to fit your mood or style.

You can know in an instant when you receive emails, calls, calendar alerts, Twitter and Facebook messages, and weather alerts. It can be set up to work the way you want. If you are a runner or bicyclist, you can use it for GPS or to track miles or speed.

Pebble just might change the way you think about a watch.

[Images via allthingsd & stylesight]