Only several years ago, I used to be one of those hardcore paper book lovers. I was adamant about not going the e-book way, if only because I have always loved printed books. The look, feel, and smell of paper is certainly unmatchable. There is a lot of love in this world, though, and I found out soon enough that there is space in my heart for e-books. Sure enough, I am now reading more e-books than traditional books. Perhaps much like what you have experienced yourself. Why The E-Book Experience Will Only Get Better In 2013

With the Kindle, Nook, smartphones, and tablets, there is no lack of e-book options. Whatever your device may be, there will be e-book software for you to choose from.

Undeniably, though, there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the e-book experience. While there is still some resistance to the concept of ditching traditional books for e-books (they do not have to be mutually exclusive in my opinion), more and more people are embracing e-books. That point alone is enough to indicate that this year – and the next – the e-book experience will only get better.

Interesting e-book-related concepts

In 2012, startups sprouted left and right. While I think there was a glut, there are gems to be found, and the e-book scene is not to be left  out. There’s Ownshelf, which is a free platform to share e-books across devices AND among friends. I totally support the core idea, although there might be issues with copyright. They’re still in beta, and you need to log in via Facebook. I am still exploring all its features, but the thought of having and sharing access to e-books this way is definitely a positive one.\

e-book experience


If you love Netflix, and you are a voracious reader, then Oyster will prove to be a delight. You need to request an invitation to use it for now (I’m still waiting on mine), but the idea is that you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited e-books to read.

Reading has not escaped gamification with The Game of Books. It’s also still in the conceptual stage, but there is a demo up which shows you how the game can encourage reading.

It certainly is going to be an exciting year for e-book lovers, with these startups getting in gear, not to mention lots of new e-book titles to be released in the coming months.


[Images via caribbeanbookblog and Ownshelf]