Windows 8 phones have been available for just over 2 months and they are already being seen as a major improvement over Windows 7 phones.  There are several reasons that they are receiving this acclaim.

The WP8 has better security features and better multitasking capabilities.  It also has storage that can be upgraded and the Windows 8 OS that works across multiple platforms.

One of the first things to be noticed on the new version is that the home screen is more user-friendly and functional.  The live tiles can take up the entire width of the screen.  These tiles also have three options for size to allow you more choices to see your information.

Many of the changes to the Windows Phone 8 from 7 are small and not revolutionary, but they help make it more user-friendly and add to the design.  For instance, a new addition to the People Hub is called Rooms.  This feature acts like a private group where you can share information and photos with just those in that room and not everyone else.  This feature can even be used by people who do not have a Windows Phone, but they will need to get a Windows ID.

Why Windows Phone 8 is Better than Windows 7 Phone

Windows Office Hub

Small tweaks have been done to the Office Hub to improve user experience with the application.  For instance, you can choose full screen for reading in Word.  You also have more viewing options in Power Point and Excel allows charts.  You can also add documents that have been emailed.  All of these files can easily be stored on Sky Drive to make it easier to retrieve and save your documents for later use.

While you may not notice any major differences from Windows Phone 7, that could be because there wasn’t that much wrong with it in the first place.  What Windows Phone 8 does is make a few changes to improve something that was already a good design in the first place.  Microsoft has created a phone that is different than what was available and it is continuing to differentiate.

[Images via cnet & digitaltrends]