It’s thin, it’s bright, and it’s dunkable?  No, we’re not talking about a new rival to the Oreo cookie.  We’re talking about Sony’s new Android smartphone, which is certain to be a rival to all other smartphones on the market.

Sony’s new flagship phone caused quite a splash at CES, where Sony revealed exactly how waterproof the new phone is, by dramatically immersing it in water.  Yes, the Xperia Z was definitely designed with durability.  It is both dust and water-resistant, IP55 and IP57 respectively.  Dust storm? No problem.  Watery deluge?  They have you covered! You also don’t have to worry about dropping this phone.  Tempered glass on the front and also the back of the phone adds to the strength and durability of the phone, as does an anti-shatter film.

Xperia Z is Sony's Flagship Phone

Durability aside, Sony did what they perhaps do best with this phone, with their TV technology.  HD video looks great on the expansive screen of the Xperia Z.  It’s bright and sharp, with a 1080p display. With that type of display, this phone will definitely be great for watching movies.  The Xperia Z also has a 13-megapixel built in camera.  It is Android powered, and has a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor.  Take one look at this phone and you will want to have it.  The design is sharp and sleek, with a 7mm chassis and a 5 inch screen.

Early reviews of this yet to be released phone have been positive. In naming the phone Xperia Z, Sony has definitely taken the position that this phone could be the last word in smartphones.  That is yet to be determined, as it is still currently unavailable to the public.  You won’t have to wait too long though.  It’s unknown exactly when it will be coming to the U.S., but it is sure to be in stores soon.