Zurmo introduced its version of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program that utilizes the features found in games to increase participation.

Zurmo is an open source CRM provider that has been testing this particular product in beta.  The idea behind the program is that it will use fun features that people enjoy in games and social media to increase participation.

Users of the program get a badge just for logging into the system each day.  They also get points when they achieve certain goals and are encouraged to compete with their co-workers.

Zurmo Seeks to Advance CRM with Gaming Techniques

CRM Badges

After several versions in beta, the version 1.0 is now ready to be released to the corporate world.

Features of the CRM Product

The program is simple to use and straightforward in its approach with more of a focus on internal issues.  For instance, it emphasizes team collaboration and simplifies email correspondence.  The social emphasis is strong, too, with feeds where users can brag about their achievements or make announcements.  They can also use it to get help or advice from a co-worker.

Like many social networks, there is a place for private conversations where users can limit access to people who are involved in a project or communication.

The Next Release

Users who like the product won’t have long to wait for the next release.  1.5 is scheduled for March with even more improvements.  It will include a full reporting engine, email marketing, and mobile access for salespeople on the go.  It will also have work flow to allow the user to automate more tasks.

Zurmo Seeks to Advance CRM with Gaming Techniques

These features will allow the user to have more time to concentrate on their customers and contacting potential customers.  But perhaps the greatest benefit for the CRM product and businesses that utilize it into their system is more people will use it because it is fun.

[Image via  mrdaley]