The popular project management platform, Basecamp, finally has an official iOS app.  Formerly only available through mobile web and third party Android and iOS apps, Basecamp already has a massive amount of users .  Basecamp already manages over 8 million projects. With their new iOS app, it is easy to imagine that number quickly growing.

The new app is reportedly fast, user friendly, and well designed.  Current users of the web platform will be pleased by the design, which has the same look and feel as the app.  The design of the app is intended to enhance productivity.  Basecamp has taken their already easy to use design and made it much simpler for people with iPhones.

The new app is also free. Now iPhone users will be able to easily use their phones to access all of the project management services offered by Basecamp.  If you’re not already familiar with Basecamp, it was launched in 2004 by 37 Signals.  With Basecamp, users can check off tasks on to-do lists, attach files, have discussions with coworkers, and make and read comments. Even without the app, Basecamp was one of the most popular productivity platforms, particularly for small businesses.  The app will help Basecamp to continue their reign over the increasingly competitive market for productivity management.

Basecamp Finally Creates an iOS App

Additionally, the iPhone app works with Basecamp Personal.  Basecamp Personal was released in January, and targets individual users.  Whereas the primary user for Basecamp is small businesses, Basecamp Personal allows individuals to pay a one-time fee of $25 to purchase a Basecamp project, instead of the regular monthly subscription.  The release of Basecamp Personal dovetails nicely with the release of the new iOS app.  Although not available yet, an Android version is expected to eventually be offered as well. The new iOS app is now available at the App Store.

[Image via smallbiztrends & 37signals]