Google has recently revealed a watercolor painting created by the architects at nbbj architecture firm. The picture portrays Google’s future headquarters which will be called Bay View. The campus-like headquarters is to be located in Mountain View, California, just across town, just across town from the current “Googleplex” headquarters.

Bay View: Google's New Global Headquarters

Bay View’s details

The HQ’s 1.1 million square feet will stretch over 42 acres and will be designed to cater to it’s employee’s daily needs. Many of the rooftops will be grass covered and provide areas for relaxing, working outdoors, and fitness activities such as yoga, biking and jogging. Employees can also ride scooters on the rooftop or even pitch a tent in the camping area.

The Design

Google is putting a lot of thought into the new Bay View’s design by studying the daily patterns and interactions of it’s workforce. The company wants to provide its employees with a comfortable facility that will ensure happiness, creativity and productivity. The group of architects from nbbj embrace their vision, “To shape a future that enhances life and inspires human potential and spirit through design.“ To apply this vision to Google’s project, they aspire to design a work environment that will encourage social interactions to inspire creative ideas.

The compound may seem a bit ordinary at first glance, but with a double-take you will notice that the somewhat rectangular buildings each have a bend, causing the aerial view of the megaplex to look like a cluster of randomly scattered boomerangs.

These bends are intended to provide more areas for chance meetings, letting employees mingle and bounce ideas off each other. Another goal of the design is to keep employees working close to each other. Despite the enormous campus, no employee will be more than a 2 ½ minute walk from a co-worker.

With all of Bay View’s perks, it’s likely that employees will be more inclined to put in longer hours and be happily more productive.

[Image via macobserver]