If asked what the most used social networks in the United states are, most of you would immediately name Facebook and Twitter, and you would be right. However, some of you may not realize how close the running is for the second spot.

Pew’s Survey

On Thursday, The Pew Research Center revealed the conclusions of a survey, conducted in late 2012 for its Internet and American Life Project.The post-election survey, which covered the demographics of social media users, had 1802 diverse respondents. The surveyees were interviewed on cellphones and landlines in both English and Spanish.

Can Pinterest Become Number 2?

The research shows that out of the internet users in the U.S., 67% are members of Facebook, while only 16% use Twitter. This is somewhat surprising considering Twitter gets nearly as much face time and recognition in the media as Facebook.What’s even more surprising is that Pinterest is now hot on Twitters heels, entertaining 15% of internet connected Americans with its theme-based pinboards. Pinterest is not only retaining it’s users, but is gaining them quite steadily, already increasing its percentage of users by three since August of 2012.

Some other interesting tidbits concluded by the survey reveal that of the internet users in the 30-49 age group, 72%  use a social network. Though this percentage is respectable, it paled in comparison to the 18-29 age group’s whopping 83 %. Also while 62% of internet connected men are social networkers, the women dominate the social networks with their 71%.

Pinterest’s appeal

As the research revealed, women are more inclined to use social networks, and that is most true about Pinterest, as last year’s ‘pinners’ were 97% women. Pinterest, like other social sites, has become defined by its users’ content. And American women have filled Pinterest with a hugely expansive library of content on everything from fashion and skincare to cleaning tips, gardening, and crafty D.I.Y. projects.

Because of the girly content, no one is confused by why men don’t typically frequent the sight. But the facts raise these questions. Will female’s love of Pinterest be enough to beat Twitter in the standings, and keep the sight growing? Or will Pinterest eventually need to make changes in order to draw in more social networking men?

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