The folks who created Witcher are sticking to their task of trying to revolutionize the gaming industry. The Witcher is touted as one of the best role-playing games ever and people still flock to buy it when a new version is launched. The company behind the game, CDProjekt Red has launched a trailer for its new game to be released in the near future. The game is titled Cyberpunk 2077 and is based on the Cyberpunk 2020 Pen and Paper RPG, which came out way back in the 80s.

Usually, it takes much more than just a CG teaser trailer to get gaming fans excited. After all, video gaming has reached a level which only few games are able to match. The expectations are sky-high, especially coming from the guys who made Witcher. Yet, this time it seems like the video game is going to surpass expectations and might just realize CDProjekt’s aim of changing the industry. So far, none of the game-play has been shown to the public but not many people are objecting to it.

Cyberpunk 2077: CD Project to Change the Gaming Industry?

The premise of the game itself is quite interesting. It is based somewhat on George Orwell’s classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. Complete with a Big Brother-type autocracy, the game promises to be more intelligent and modern than the average RPG. Add to that the sci-fi elements and great characters, not to forget the exquisite Night City, and you have the future of gaming in your hands. With soldiers, cyborgs, mercenaries, cops, government, etc, there are incredible characters to enjoy as well.

Of course, all information so far is based on what can be seen in the trailer. It doesn’t seem as though CDProjekt Red is going to withhold information for much longer. As new clips, game-play and character information is revealed, fans of video gaming will surely develop an interest. Coming back to the question whether Cyberpunk 2077 will change the gaming industry, it surely looks like a worthy candidate to do so.

[Images via totallygn]