Do you consider yourself to be artistic?  This is the general question behind a new app called DrawQuest.  While most children feel free to express themselves artistically, adults often struggle with the notion of their own creativity.  Many adults simply feel that they are not artistic.    DrawQuest is an app that hopes to change adult perceptions regarding art creation.

A new iPad app from the tech startup Canvas, DrawQuest specifically targets adults. DrawQuest makes the creative process user friendly.  The app is both for beginners and for people with advanced drawing skills.  The concept behind DrawQuest is that people often don’t know where to begin.  So instead of providing users with a blank slate, DrawQuest provides a template that a user can build upon.  Essentially, the app provides the user with a starting point for a drawing.

What makes the DrawQuest app unique is the built in social network.  DrawQuest hopes to make the creative process a social one.  It allows users to follow other users, to follow favorite drawings, and to share to social networks.  The app is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so that if you are proud of your creation, you can easily share it with your social network. Another intriguing feature of the app’s built in social community allows you to “play back” drawings that you are interested in, so that you can see how an image was created.

DrawQuest App Can Turn You Into an Artist

The app was created by Chris Poole, who runs Canvas, a content-sharing and remixing website. Interestingly,  in 2008, Poole was voted as the most influential person online by Time.  This app is expected to stand out from other drawing apps already on the market, due to the social community factor.  The app is designed to be a place that users return to frequently.  Active users are rewarded with “coins” that unlock new color palates.  DrawQuest promises to be a fun way to both increase your creativity and to share your creations.


[Images via laughingsquid & theverge]