A joint effort by creators People Can Fly and Epic Games, Gears of War: Judgment, designed exclusively for Xbox 360, has at last been completed and will reach retail stores in March. This is the 4th Gears of War Game in the franchise and is a prequel to the previous games.

Gears of War: Judgment Available in March


The third-person shooter game takes place just weeks after Emergence Day, the initial battle of the Locust War in the Gears of War Universe. Kilo Squad, led by the familiar Lt. Damon Baird, sets out to battle against the Locusts in Havlo Bay. Also on the team is fan favorite, Pvt. Cole Train accompanied by 2 newcomers, Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk.


Gears of War: Judgment will again include the normal Versus Multiplayer Mode; however the Locust will no longer be a playable character.  For Judgment, the developers have designed additional multiplayer modes, as well.

OverRun is a mode consisting of 5 player teams. The teams will rotate between COG soldiers and Locusts. The playable classes in this mode are medics, soldiers, engineers, and scouts.

Another first for Gears of War is the new Free-for-all Mode. This mode requires more personal strategy and will test the individual’s wits and will. Every man for himself is the basis of this mode, and game play is COG soldier against COG soldier.

New Stuff

In addition to a number of new weapons and characters, Kilo Squad can now fight through flashback battles in Declassified Missions.

Another new element being introduced is the Smart Spawn System. This game trait causes the in-game characters to re-spawn in new locations with each play session which will add more action, challenge, and diversity to the game.

Bonuses and Pre-Order Perks

An advantage for player that are new to the game, or for those who just missed out on the first Gears of War, a free download code will be included in your game package. The original Gears of War has a retail value of $19.99, and will now be yours to experience and enjoy.

Pre-orders will come with even more bonuses including an in-game multiplayer weapon and new multiplayer character skins.

For more details, check out their latest, action packed game trailer:

[Image via gearsofwar]