If you are a frequent business traveler, you probably have an entire traveling routine that helps you to manage all the details of your trip.  You may even use your mobile device to help make traveling easier. Mobile apps have increasingly become a greater part of how people interact both with technology and with the world around them. There are many great apps for your smartphone or tablet that can help the frequent traveler to make it from point A to point B. Whether a frequent traveler or someone who only takes the occasional trip, these apps can make traveling a breeze.

Great Apps for Business Travelers

If you are searching for a hotel or flight, try Hipmunk. This app shows you the relevant flights in a timeline format, which makes choosing the right one so much easier. Also, beyond simply sorting the flights by price, the app takes into consideration other important factors such as length of travel time.  This can take the headache out of trying to choose the perfect flight for your specific situation.

It can be difficult for travelers to keep track of multiple rewards programs.  AwardWallet is great app to store and track all of your different hotel and airline rewards.  Then, once you have your travel booked, the Tripit app can provide users with itineraries for all of your trips. Tripit will conveniently convert all of your separate confirmations, including flights, hotel, and car rentals, into easy to use travel itineraries.

Another great travel app for the frequent flyer is GateGuru.  GateGuru works in conjunction with your other travel apps, in that it will provide you with one portal into viewing all of your Tripit or KAYAK itineraries. You can also check wait times for flights.  Once you see how long you may have to wait, you can check out a list of airport restaurants and services, which will help you decide how to spend that extra time at the airport.  Another app necessary for convenient air travel is SeatAlerts, which allows you to choose your seat in advance.

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