While the rollout of new products used to take top billing at Macworlds past, at this most recent Macworld, the spotlight belonged to the celebrities.  Stars at the event included Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, stars of the new film JOBS, and Fred Armisen, who has famously impersonated Steve Jobs.

MacWorld 2013

Though predictions were made back in 2008 when Apple left the show that interest would wane, those predictions were wrong.  Macworld still stands as one of the last trade shows still open to consumers, and has a huge following.

Proclaimed to be “The Ultimate iFan Event”, the most recent edition of Macworld/iWorld was held from January 31 through February 2, 2013. The event included tech talks, live music, film festivals, art showcases, an expo hall, and an interactive live zone. The expo hall features hardware, software, apps and accessories.  Some of the most talked about new products included Adonits Jot Touch, Boinx Software’s iStopMotion for iPad, and the i4software’s Video Camera.

Even though celebrities receive top billing at the show, many people attend because of the advice they can get from Mac experts.  There were more than 60 tech talk sessions scheduled.  Sessions included topics such as “eBook Production wiht Adobe InDesign”, “iOS Development for Beginners”, and “iPhoneograpy: Gear. Gadgets. Geekdom.-Accessorizing your iPhone Camera for Captivating Capture.”

Macworld has gone through many changes over the decades.  In existence for almost 30 years, it has managed to adapt amazingly well.  The original focus of the trade show in the 1980’s was desktop publishing, and as such, the show appealed more to business users.   The show continues to adapt to the times, as evidenced by the recent name change to Macworld/iWorld.  The new name broadened the scope to include applications beyond Apple, which in part reflects the huge growth of the Android market.

If you missed out on the fun this year, the Macworld website has a multitude of images and video from the event.  The love from the Macworld community is the reason why this event continues to be successful year after year.

[Image via lifeinlofi]