Dropbox is, arguably, the biggest and best in free cloud storage services. Whether you buy into that or not, you cannot ignore the awesome number of 100 million users. For no cost at all, 2GB is not such a bad deal. Then you have to consider the fact that you can rack up a lot more space for free by taking actions such as referring friends.

Considering that the online storage scene is getting more crowded with time, it is but to be expected that services like Dropbox expand their portfolio. Late last year, Dropbox’s acquisition of photosharing startup Snapjoy was announced.

New Dropbox Features: Instant Document Preview And Virtual Photo Album Sharing

This month, we are going to be treated to new Dropbox features: instant document preview and virtual photo album sharing. The latter is an obvious corollary to the Snapjoy acquisition, and it is something that Dropbox users will find very convenient.

The new Dropbox features are being rolled out, so if you do not see anything about virtual photo sharing, here’s a peek.

new Dropbox features

Dropbox Photo Share

For sure, this new feature will get more users to be active. You probably know at least a handful of people who have had their Dropbox accounts forever but are not active users. With the full-fledged photo sharing feature, Dropbox is more than likely to attract more users. Of course, the integrated sharing features help as well.

As  for the instant document preview, it does exactly what it says on the tin. There is no more need to download and open a document before sharing it with others if you have no clue if it contains the information that you need. By giving you a glimpse of the contents of any document you have stored on Dropbox, the preview feature saves you time and effort.

Even if you don’t have the preview issue when using Dropbox, the addition of the photo sharing feature is something that definitely adds value to the cloud storage platform. Now I just wish I’d get the new Dropbox features already.

[Images via applelife and Lifehacker]