The online Microsoft Store was sold out of the 128GB Surface Pro within hours of going on sale Saturday. Since the release of the device, sell outs have been happening at other retailers, like Staples and Best Buy.

New Microsoft Surface Pro Sells Out

The Surface Pro looks similar to, yet is an upgraded version of Microsoft’s Surface RT, which was released last fall. The Surface Pro is Microsoft’s 3rd generation Intel-powered, Windows 8 tablet and has a full Window’s operating system. The tablet also comes with 4 gigs of Ram and Intel HD 4000 graphics. There is a kick stand incorporated into the design to allow for desk usage, although not necessarily lending it comfortable lap use. It is also slightly larger and heavier than the RT but still quite easily portable.

Storage has become the selling point

While the $500 Surface RT remarkably sold out in just one day, it still was not as popular a choice as the Pro. This could be telling of the fact that users are putting more value on storage capacity and the ability to handle serious work.
Though you can most likely acquire a less sought after 64GB version for $899 at a retail location, Microsoft’s $999 128GB Surface Pro is nowhere to be found. And for double the storage capacity for only $100 more, it’s no surprise that the 128 GB Pro is the buyer’s choice.


Because Microsoft has yet to report the product’s sales records, and some retailers have claimed to have limited supply, this has led to speculation of possible issues with production or supply. However, even if the recent hype of the Surface Pro is questionable and the only reason for sell-outs is the lack of products, it’s clear at least that Microsoft’s priciest version is in demand over the 64GB model which is still in consistent supply.

[Image via pcadvisor]