It comes as no surprise that tablets are taking over the PC market. Their popularity has been on the rise in recent years. An increasing number of consumers are shifting to this latest touchscreen technology. The latest numbers from the Q4 in 2012 show that one in every three PCs sold were tablets. The recent study of the market revealed some interesting figures.

One in Three of All PCs Sold Were Tablets in Q4 of 2012

The research which was carried out by Canalys reported that just 3 percent of tablets shipped in the fourth quarter used a Microsoft operating system. The report further claimed that tablet sales went up 75 percent overall in the fourth quarter.

The research also focused on all the major players in the market and how they contributed to the overall progress. Apple shipped 27 million units during this period which gave it a 20.1% share in the market. HP meanwhile was in second place after they sold 15 million units to gain an 11.2% share of the market. Lenovo was in third while Samsung followed in fourth with 11.7 million units sold and a 9% market share. Dell was in last place among the top 5.

According to analysts, Apple’s iPad Mini made up a major chunk of their sales and its well timed release gave them the edge over the competition. On an overall basis the full year sales volume went up to 114.6 million units after the completion of the fourth quarter.

One in Three of All PCs Sold Were Tablets in Q4 of 2012

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out in 2013 with new entrants such as the Kindle Fire also making up ground on the top players.

The need for better and more innovative products has led consumers to switch allegiances to these portable tablets. It is something that is likely to grow in the future and the PC market could soon be flooded with tablets.


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