Ouya, the crowd funded game console maker, announced a new deal recently. Ouya has partnered up with two major players in the gaming industry that include Paul Bettner’s Verse Studio and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions. The android powered gaming console’s news was music to the ears of fans and supporters alike.

Ouya Announces Two New Partners

The Ouya CEO, Julie Uhrman, was delighted at having announced these deals with established game developers in the industry. The company that generated over $8 million in funding the previous year seems to be on the right track. The gaming console which is set to release in June will be available for pre-order through Amazon.

At a recent summit, Julie Uhrman also revealed some more key details about the other aspects of the android based gaming platform. She said “Verse, the game studio run by Paul Bettner, is currently in development on two unannounced titles for Ouya.” While on the other hand Bettner had this to say about this new collaboration between the two companies, “Ouya and Verse are nothing less than ‘The Return of Console Gaming.’ The last big wave was mobile—Words With Friends which is the most played game across all mobile platforms and yet I believe we’re about to see another disruption even bigger than the last.”

The Ouya gaming store is another innovative creation of the Ouya team. It will be a one of a kind gaming store designed specifically for Ouya gaming consoles. “The Kick starters”, the people who pooled in for the development of this console, will get their consoles in March – a couple of months before the general public. The Ouya console is also very reasonably priced in a competitive market. You can pre-order one at just $99.99.

Ouya is already processing over 68,000 orders Uhrman revealed. The new partnerships are definitely going to bolster Ouya’s chances of success and give it a better overall experience.


[Image via incgamers]