Sony’s has just announced an up-coming, mysterious PlayStation meeting, followed by a video that was released on Sony’s official PlayStation Blog. The video is a vague display of light and sound, and shows nothing but invites the viewer to “See the future” and displays the PlayStation symbol and hints at a date at the end of the video, Feb, 20th 2013.

Apparently Sony’s has revealed just enough to stimulate the PlayStation fan base. This buzz has strategically produced a flurry of comments under the video. PlayStation enthusiasts are all excited and asking the same questions. Is PlayStation 4 is finally coming? What’s it going to be like? And most importantly, when can we play?

Early Development Specs

News of the PS4, also known as PlayStation Orbis, was first discussed in early 2011. Kotaku was allowed to review the specifications and designs of the PS4 development kit and will give anxious games a sneak-peak once the demo is complete.  However, the demo may be slightly different than the finalized version.

The PS4 is also called Orbis.  It will apparently allow in-game sharing; will come with a dual shock 3 shaped controllers, AMD X 64 CPU, AMD Southern Highlands GPU, 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM with 515 MB reserved of the OS, and display resolution of up to 4096 X 2160.

Sony will continue to fight against the second-hand game sales and piracy.  Many of the next-generation games will come with a onetime user code that will let the original purchaser download extra content.

Console and Game Release

The February release date is not set in stone and the buzz on the internet is that the consoles may not make it to store shelves until around the end of the year, which is the same time frame that the next-generation Xbox 720 should be out.  The rumors now are that the PS4 Orbis will retail for around $400, but that may increase by the time the game is available for purchase.

[Image via technobuffalo]