If you have ever wanted to search for a complicated piece of information on the internet, but you weren’t sure of how to start, then you will be excited to learn about a new type of web search.  SkyPhrase allows users to use natural language questions without having to use a specific format.

SkyPhrase is a startup created by Nick Cassimatis.  Cassimatis is an associate professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.    Natural language processing is still a developing tool.  It is currently being explored by programs like Graph Search on Facebook.  Other forms of natural language processing use methods such as teaching software vocabulary and grammatical rules.  Instead, the technology behind SkyPhraise is unique, in that it uses both algorithms and data structures.

SkyPhrase could eventually save the user a lot of time and effort.  For example, if you were looking for a flight, the traditional method would have you fill out several query boxes on a site.  Instead, you could ask SkyPhrase the question, and it will turn your natural language question into a format that the database can process.  It essentially takes all of the extra work out of the process. The potential for different applications is tremendous.  SkyPhrase will make it possible for any user to easily search through large quantities of data.  SkyPhrase may even make it possible to do the type of data analysis that typically requires lots of time and training.

SkyPhrase: A Startup That Can Better Answer Your Questions

SkyPhrase will be offering this software to companies soon.  They also plan to have a website up in February.  Additionally, SkyPhriase will be offering an extension for the Chrome browser, which would allow Google Analytics users to filter information using their unique form of natural language queries.  Other plans for the future include offering SkyPhrase to other websites as a programming interface.   This could allow for natural language search capabilities to be added to services already offered by a particular website.

[Image via androidauthority]