Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick provides great sound and are available with a retail price starting $99 and up; which makes them one of the least expensive wireless speakers. These speakers sync with your mobile device to provide streaming audio anywhere you place the small speakers. This gives you the ability to have wireless speakers in every room in your house. The built in battery can give up to 7 hours of listening time.

Soundfreaq Portable Wireless Speakers


These portable speakers are not only for listening to your stored music, but also provide audio for anything you might look at with your device. Videos, movies, TV shows, video games and internet radio can all have full, clear sound. The speakers are very compact when closed and then opens for full sound.

Though similar to docking station for mobile devices, the Sound Kick speakers require no docking. This will keep the phone in your hands so you are free to text, browse and talk on the phone while you listen.

Soundfreaq Speakers uses Bluetooth technology for connectivity, has a rechargeable battery and can recharge your phone, even when the Soundfreaq device is solely on battery mode.    These speakers deliver great sound quality, ease of mobility, affordability, ease of use and compatibility.  It’s well-designed, properly built, and good-looking, too.

Soundfreaq Portable Wireless Speakers

UQ3 Spatial Sound Enhancement

Compact home audio products have a somewhat short distance between multiple speakers resulting in stereo distortion. Soundfreaq has psychoacoustic effect by controlling sound wave interface that boosts the perceived stereo separation, seeming to create a bigger sound more similar to large, widely spaced speakers.

The SFQ-04 one iLounge’s Overall Best of Show Award for best wireless speakers for mobile devices. Soundfreaq apps are available iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad or the free Android App.

Compared to the Jawbone Jambox

According to reviews, Soundfreaq’s newest line of wireless outperforms Jambox, its closest competition, providing better performance and affordability starting their range at just under $100.

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