If you love music and have a Windows 8 Phone you are in luck.  Spotify is now available on the Windows Phone 8 platform.  The app was previously only available on iOS, Symbian, Android, and legacy Windows Phone users.  Thanks to the change, it is now available on the new version of the Windows Phone. This change provides Microsoft mobile users with accessiblilty to one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms.

Spotify Arrives to the New Windows Phone 8


One of Spotify’s slogans is “soundtrack your life.”   In case you aren’t familiar with Spotify, the app allows you to search for music that you love.  If you would rather not specify all of your music selections, Spotify also has a radio feature.  The radio feature allows you to have Spotify surprise you by selecting the music for you.

On the Spotify app you can do a lot more than just listen to music.  One of the features offered by the app is the ability to build your own collection.  Spotify also has a built in social network.  If you want to know what type of  music your friends like, you can easily find out.

With Spotify you can look through other people’s music collections, including both your friends and public figures.   It is also fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so that you can share your Spotify music.

Another great feature offered by Spotify is the ability to access your music without access to the internet.  What’s more, the app is cloud friendly.  The collection you build with the Spotify app will also be available on your PC.

The app will be available to Windows 8 Phone users for a free 30 day trial.  If the user wants to continue with the service following the trial, the cost of the app is $9.99 a month.  It is available in the Windows Phone store.

[Image via pocket-lint]