Be it snowboarding, skiing, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, or whatever you prefer, your favorite sporting adventures are quite simple to capture and preserve thanks to modern technology. “Helmet Cams” of today are progressing in their abilities to stand up to any extreme condition an adventurer might subject it to. But beyond just the durability and water proofing of action cameras from companies such as GoPro, Drift, Contour, and now JVE and Sony, they also have many special features to assist you in turning your adventure into a video for the world to experience. Some of these features include a still photo mode, HD video recording, a time-lapse mode, a wide angle lens, rechargeable batteries and various mounts and accessories.

Many of the newest cameras also have built in LCD monitors, Wi-Fi, can sync to Smartphone, and are capable of streaming live video and sharing on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

The Best Action Cameras Available


Things to Consider Before Purchasing

First of all, consider you activities and what attributes they will require from your camera. Decide where you will mount your device and look for one that will accommodate you.

Waterproof is a general trait for all action cameras, but they vary in their dive ranges from just a few meters up to 60 meters. Some of the devices are submergible on their own, and some come complete with a waterproof case. Make sure the camera you purchase will stand up to the pressure you will put it under.

Battery life and chargeability always require consideration when buying new gadgets. The helmet cams have a battery life ranging from 1 hour 20 minutes up to 3 hours, and charge times from 4 to 5 ½ hours.

All action cameras record to an SD memory card and most are sold separately. Think about how much recording time you might put in and choose a memory card accordingly, taking note of the size of the card, either micro or standard.

Decide which specific camera traits are most important to you. If you are going on a cross-county excursion, you may like the Contour 2+ complete with GPS, or perhaps you would prefer the Drift HD Ghost with it 2” Gorilla Glass monitor.

Need more details? The website Action Cameras has done the research for you. Check out their handy HD Action Camera Comparison Table to make your helmet cam shopping easy.

The Best Action Cameras Available


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