As we announced last week-HTC has just released its new flagship phone the HTC One. HTC phone sales peaked in 2011, when they had 10.7 percent of global smartphone shipments.  However, they currently only have around 4 percent, sitting just outside the top five manufacturers.  With HTC One, they hope to recapture some of of the market and judging by the design and new features-they are specifically looking to soak up those iPhone users left disappointed by the iPhone 5.

The HTC One Targets iPhone Market

The device has a sleek, aluminum design, and an upgraded 468 pixel per inch screen.  Other features of the new device include an upgraded, ultrapixel camera, which is designed to capture more light than any of the other devices currently on the market.   Another unique feature of the HTC One allows users to operate entertainment equipment with a built in remote control. The phone also has an entirely new interface.  Called BlinkFeed, the new interface lets users integrate things like news and social network feeds with the operating system of the phone.

The HTC One also allows for a great movie viewing and music listening experience for the user, with stereo speakers. But perhaps the feature that most directly points to HTC singling out iPhone fans is seamless transition from an iOS device. HTC have tweaked their Sync Manager to enabled iOS users to import their iPhone backups. The new Sync Manager will be able to read iTunes, import photos, text messages, calendar info, video and more. These files are then automatically updated into your new HTC One on startup.

Will the HTC One be enough to compete with the other smartphones on the market?  With all of the great new features of the HTC One, it still remains to be seen if it will be able to compete. Not only is it trying to compete with the iPhone, it also must try to edge out the recently released Sony Xperia Z, and the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S III. HTC has recently indicated that they expect first quarter revenues to drop 17 percent.  Moreover, the HTC profit margins are nearly zero. The excellent upgrades and features offered in the HTC One may certainly help the company to compete for consumers looking for a great Android phone in 2013.

[Image via ephotozine]