You will soon be able to share more than just your “likes” with your Facebook friends . Facebook has announced that coming soon, you will be able to send your friends a gift card, called the Facebook Card. Not just any old gift card, Facebook is rolling out a new kind of gift card, which people can use to make purchases at select brick and mortar stores, including Target, Sephora, Jamba Juice, and Olive Garden.

The New Facebook Gift Card will Work in the Real World


What makes the card is unique is that it can be loaded with different balances for different stores.  So with the Facebook Card,  you can give your friend 10 dollars at Jamba Juice and 50 dollars at Target, all on the same card.  It must be noted that currently the Facebook Card will only work in brick and mortar Target stores, and not at

As a part of Facebook’s expansion of their Gift Cards and Digital Category, the new Facebook Card is designed to be easy to use.  When you want to give a friend the Facebook Card, you will simply have to select the retailer and the amount of money that you want to give.  After that, your friend will be notified and will subsequently receive the physical gift card in the mail, within a few days.  It will only be redeemable at the retailer previously selected.

Other notable features of the Facebook Card include the fact that it is also reusable. While the first gift you give comes with an actual physical card, any additional gifts you give at a later date will be loaded electronically onto the same card.  The Facebook Card also offers convenience, as cardholders can also check their balances on Facebook.  Cardholders can also receive immediate notifications when there is a change to their balances.  It is currently unclear if any additional stores will be added to the current selection. What is clear is that with the new Facebook Card, users have yet another compelling reason to login.

[Images via freefreestuff & pcworld]