This week’s top 5 trending videos is united by one common factor: loads of fun. While you may consider them profane, vulgar and offensive, there is no doubt you are in for a fun time when watching these viral sensations. Without further ado, here are the top 5 trending videos for this week.

Timberlake Shows Off His Suit & Tie

The much awaited single from pop singer Justin Timberlake’s upcoming album has finally released. Titled Suit & Tie, the video features Timberlake along with the lyrics of the song appearing on screen. Oh, not to forget it features Jay-Z. As they say, anything with Jay-Z in it is worth a listen. It is a great appetizer for fans waiting for Justin’s album The 20/20 Experience. If the song is a sign of things to come, the album is going to be a roaring success. Enjoy the video, but beware of the profanity in the lyrics!

Prince Harry Runs After Ice Cream Van

This is one video no one would have expected to see, ever! The younger prince is on duty in Afghanistan, based at Camp Bastion. During an interview, Harry threw off his microphone and started running off after a vehicle. It was later discovered that it was an ice-cream van. Given the sweltering heat in the country, it is no surprise that Prince Harry was looking for some release. It is surely one of the funniest videos to emerge so far this year, showing Harry’s childlike personality.

Dexter’s Laboratory’s Lost Episode

A new episode of the 90s popular cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory has resurfaced and gone viral. Reportedly, the episode was created but never aired because it was deemed offensive. The reason for this is a number of ‘beeped’ words during the episode. There were thought of as profane hence the episode got lost. Well, fans of the cartoon can get a touch of nostalgia watching a previously unseen episode.

People Are Awesome 2013

The title of the video says it all! You will watch people doing all sorts of awesome things, including some crazy and daredevil stunts. If you are a fan of the extreme, then this is one video definitely for you. The weak of heart might have a hard time watching the four-minute plus video which features a lot of cliff diving and jumping over moving cars.

Kate Upton Washes Mercedes in Slow-Mo

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

Mercedes is one of the successful automobile in the world yet they don’t shy away from innovative marketing tactics. Their latest, ahem, tactic, is to get model Kate Upton to wash their new Mercedes-Benz CLA. And that too in slow motion! Parents were aghast when the ad aired during the Super Bowl, but it surely makes for an enticing sight for men. It can surely become a guilty pleasure for you!

These are the top 5 trending videos for this week. As promised, they are loads of fun to watch though some discretion is advised. Till next week, watch these 5 videos and share them with your family and friends! Have fun!


[Image via twylah]