Vine’s user rating has now been changed from 12 and up to 17 and up.  When Vine, the video sharing iOS app, was released in the App Store at the end of last month, it quickly took root.  Vine took over the number one free app spot in the App Store’s Social category, only one day after its release.  The app’s popularity continued to grow and success began to bloom.  Then they ran into a problem.  What some might call, a porn problem.  That is, some users began to use the app for adult content.

Twitter App Vine Changes User Rating

Vine, owned by Twitter, is a video sharing and editing app.  The app allows users to create six second video loops, by piecing together little portions of video.  Users can hold a finger on the screen to record each portion that would then be incorporated into the complete 6 second loop, or Vine. It is a fun way to edit and share video.  However, Vine quickly started having issues with users making pornographic videos.

Vine also mistakenly allowed a Vine that featured hardcore porn to appear as an Editor’s pick.  It was a costly error, as Apple followed by removing the app from its Featured Section within the App Store.  The App Store guidelines forbid any overtly sexual content.

For its part, it looks as though Vine is trying to do what they can to make necessary changes.  They have now made it possible to report or block a profile within the app. Users can also email them with any feedback regarding the app.  They also have started censoring searches in order to remove pornographic terms.  This is all in addition to the increased user age rating.

Now users are required to confirm that they are at least 17 years old.  The app also warns users of “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity”, among several other warnings.  The changes could help Vine get back on track.  The fact that the app is owned by Twitter could certainly help things along as well.

[Image via agbeat]