The demand for social intranet has exploded.  According to recently released numbers from Bitrix, small businesses are increasingly embracing cloud computing and affordable social intranet. Bitrix 24 offers businesses the ability to set up their own social intranet at a low cost, thereby providing the social networking tools that are often needed for today’s workplace. Businesses use the service for a variety of activities, including instant messaging, document storage, project management, scheduling, CRM, work reports, and business processes. Eight percent of Bitrix users were able to stop using other services or software because of what was available in the social intranet package.


The recently released numbers reveal that the Bitrix24 has become a must-have for many small businesses. While some businesses remain skeptical about the use of social intranets and believe that they will be misused and prefer a classic intranet concept, the majority, 87 percent, believe that the social aspect actually works to increase employee productivity. Seventy percent of their users prefer cloud-based services for collaboration, with only 30 percent of users choosing a box version due to privacy and security concerns.

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Due to the increasingly mobile workforce, social intranet use has continuously expanded, with 18 percent of users accessing Bitrix24 via smartphones and tablets. The changing shape of the modern workplace has also led to some surprising statistics. Twelve percent of Bitrix24 users actually accessed their portal on Christmas Day. Additionally, 60 percent of users regularly use Bitrix24 on weekends.

The U.S leads in social intranet usage, followed by Russia, Germany, India, Brazil and the U.K. While the majority of social intranet users are companies, Bitrix24 is also used for educational groups, healthcare, churches, non-profit, and other non-traditional uses. The largest network size for Bitrix24 is 4,789 users, while the smallest network size is only 2 users.

[Images via bitrix24]