Asus on Wednesday unveiled the ‘Republic of Gamers GX1000’, a mouse that the company calls its first for ‘hardcore’ gamers.

Outfitted with an aluminum body the mouse incorporates a wide set of programmable functions that help provide optimal gaming for users.

The GX1000 is setup to help avoid mouse fatigue during long gaming sessions, a fact that should please Skyrim and other MMORGP fans who can easily spend 20 hours in front of their computer screens.

Asus GX1000 Is A Gaming Mouse On Steroids

The new hardcore gaming mouse also offers customized dpi switching and indication in real-time, while providing gamers with six programmable macros.

Also known as the ROG GX1000 the mouse features a super high precision 8200dpi tracking speed that is optimized by laser optical sensors. The mouse also allows users to reprogram and remap controls based on the game genre they are playing in. Also available is the ability to store up to four presets at any one time.

Adding further to increased game play times is the ability to adjust the mouses balance in the users hand, allowing for different comfort levels to be achieved based on the GX1000 users preferences.

Asus doesn’t end the mouses technology there, it also delivers the ability to set four different lighting colors that can be assigned to different users and different presets. If you share a computer with a family member or roommate the preset notifications can ensure that every single user receives their own customized mouse experience.

The Asus Republic of Gamers GX1000 is not cheap at $100 but its compatibility with Windows Xp, Vista 7 and Windows 8 PCs will likely draw in gamers looking for a more comfortable option.

The one drawback? The mouse doesn’t support USB 3.0, although given its optimization for gaming we doubt there is much lag time with USB 2.0.

Are you willing to spend $100 on a hardcore gamers mouse that allows for on-the-fly customizations and the ability to set weight tension?

[Image via HiTechReview]