A new driving app, complete with a syncing tech gadget for your car, could save you gas, extend  your vehicle’s life and even save the planet. Though computers have been present in cars for a long time, there has never been a way for the average driver to access the information that the computer could provide. Therefore, Automatic seeks to introduce car to your smartphone.

automatic app

Car, meet Phone.

The brains of the app is the Automatic Link, which is a small device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. Once you’ve plugged into your dataport you will be prompted to follow a few simple instructions. Your car and smartphone will then begin to connect wirelessly whenever the car is driven.

How the app improves the performance of the car and the driver.

Though many people are aware that their driving style can impact their car’s fuel efficiency, most don’t really give it much thought when they’re running late for a meeting or rushing to pick up the kids. But making a few changes while you drive could keep your car running longer as well as save you a ton of cash.

By connecting your phone to your car, the app can learn your typical driving style and will give you subtle audio cues when you are doing something that is wasting gas, such as speeding or accelerating too quickly.The Automatic app shows drivers their weekly drive score and trip timeline. This lets drivers review their progress and see what improvements they can make.

The app also alerts you of any problems under the hood. If your check engine light comes on the app tells you what’s wrong, possible ways to fix it, and then lets you turn the light off, no mechanics required..

With Automatic you are always connected to your car, so you will never have to wander the mall parking lot looking for your car again. You can also share your car’s location with other for carpooling or sharing a family car.

Even in emergencies, Automatic’s got you covered. Following a crash, the app will automatically contact 911 and can even be set to notify your loved ones.

Pre-Order the Automatic Link now for $69.95.  The device is expected to ship in May along with the launch of the Automatic iPhone app. An Android version is expected later in the year.

[Image via betakit]