Two great games collide as CCP brings forth it’s latest game, Dust 514, and blends it with the player driven, intergalactic MMORPG world of EVE.  This console game is a strategic, first-person shooter, hybrid MMO that will be exclusively for PS3 and Vita.

A Gaming Mash-up

CCP is innovatively exploring new gaming territory by being the first to attempt combining a massive online PC game with a completely separate console game. Dust 514 is not really an expansion of EVE, but  rather an entirely new game that resides inside of the vast expanse of EVE’s cosmic world. Not only do the games have corresponding storylines and share the same maps, but players will even battle across games and share the same server. But while EVE players take on the role elite starship pilots and participate in high-speed sky battles, Dust 154 players are immortal mercenaries that shoot it out in ground battles.


Dust 514 gives its players plenty of choices for customizing their character and its abilities. First of all, you can pick from 4 character races, Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, and Minmatar. Each of the races has 3 of its own character bloodlines which will further individualize your avatar.

Beyond that is an extensive skill trees that allow the player to choose exactly which abilities they want to become proficient in. Your character will also be equipped with infantry “dropsuits” for customizing combinations of weapons, equipment and special abilities. Players can even drive vehicles that will customize and equipp much like dropsuits, and can be transported around the battlefield.

Dust 154 players, through corporation battles, can capture territory within EVE’s Universe for their own alliance. The corporation (or players group much like a guild) will then be able to build infrastructure on its captured territory.


The game is still beta testing at this time. However, CCP plans to hold a special in-game event for EVE and Dust 154 in March at the Pax East gaming convention in Boston. This leads speculators to believe that the release is just around the corner.

[Image via curse]