Facebook has recently updated its Timeline, but the one area of the site that has been somewhat neglected since the start of the site in 2006, is its News feed. For this reason, on Thursday, Facebook revealed its updated version of the news feed, which will provide the users with new filters and streams. By providing brand new things for Facebook users to look at, the company hopes that users will want to spend more time on the site.

Facebook Announces Updated News Feed

What to expect from the updated News Feed

Some things from the Facebook reveal will be Photo Feeds specifically for Facebook and Instagram photos, as well as an updated Music Feed designed to keep you informed of what  your friends are listening to as well as upcoming albums and concerts of liked musicians, and even suggestions of new music that might interest you.

Facebook users will soon be able to switch back and forth between these new specific feeds, which will de-clutter the news feed page, and lend a greater ease for searching through Facebook content.

More Space for Advertisements

Additionally, you can now expect to see much larger photos, and more image-based ads which will satisfy Facebooks’ advertisers who, for several years have been asking for better exposure for their ads. This will not only benefit advertisers but Facebook as well, allowing it to charge more for its ad space, paving the way for better business and potentially bringing up the companys stock market value.

When will the changes take place

Facebook users will start to see these News Feed updates on March 7th. Facebook is hoping that by re-working its news feed, users will be able to access the exact content they want and be more captivated by the content due to its new vvisual enhancements.

[Image via postfever]