A new glitch has been uncovered in the social networking website Facebook which is causing problems in particular for one user. Marguerite Joseph is a resident of Grosse Pointe, Michigan and has been using Facebook for the past three years. Joseph was born in 1908 which makes her 104 years old at present. It is unlikely that the website has any other user with an age in the triple-digits. However, Facebook is preventing Joseph from showing her true age on her profile.

104 Year Old Grandma Still 99 on Facebook!

Joseph has stated that she wants to let the people know her real age but when she enters the year as 1908, it automatically changes to 1928. It does seem as though Facebook designers thought the website wouldn’t be used by someone over a hundred years old but that has occurred now. Due to this technical problem, Joseph’s age on the website is shown as 99 and has been that way since 2010. Now that this issue has been brought to light, maybe Facebook would find a solution.

This may be the first case in reported history when a woman doesn’t want to hide her age but is being forced to. After all, it is not rare for women to lie about their ages. However, when it concerns a woman who has seen both World Wars, age becomes more than just a number. This is the reason why she is so insistent on having this issue resolved and her real age being displayed on the social network. Despite this flaw, she has been using the site actively.

The Facebook profile for Marguerite was set up by her granddaughter and she uses it to keep in touch with her grandkids and other family members. Because of her age, Joseph has hearing problems and is legally blind but that doesn’t stop her from logging on to the website every day. Her granddaughter has said that she has contacted Mark Zuckerberg about the glitch on her grandma’s Facebook profile but has not received a response as yet.

She has said she wants the issue to be taken care of ASAP because Marguerite’s birthday is in April and she would turn 105. It would be great if she could finally show her real age on her Facebook profile. Whether or not the folks over at Facebook remove the glitch in time remains to be seen. Maybe they are waiting for some other users aged 100+ to complain!

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