Google Shopping Express has launched to the public in San Francisco and the Peninsula from San Mateo to San Jose. The same-day delivery program is still very much in beta testing but already includes an impressive lineup of retailers.

Among the company’s first participants are Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle, Toys“R”Us/Babies“R”Us, Office Depot, San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee, Raley’s Nob Hill Foods, and Palo Alto Toy & Sport.

Google has not yet determined a pricing plan for the program, although early estimates have suggested pricing from $64 to $69 per year. If that pricing remains the company would undersell Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that Prime customers also receive access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Google Shopping Express Launches In San Francisco

Beta testers for the program are receiving six months of free Google Shopping Express service which includes same day delivery of items with no additional costs outside of store pricing.

Amazon is also testing same day shipping and already offers customers the ability to pick up items from specially assigned boxes at major retailers such as Staples.

If you are inside the Google Shopping Express testing area you can sign up here and retailers can join here.

Google Shopping Express Service

In a blog post for the launch of Google Shopping Express product management director Tom Fallows says the consumer convenience of the project will mean  “Hopefully, no more trips across town for simple errands.”

The new platform will allow retailers to connect with a whole new customer base, while potentially creating new orders as customers enjoy the ability to have multiple products delivered from multiple sources all at the same time.

Google has not yet finalized Shopping Express launch dates for other major metropolitan areas.

Are you excited to try the search giants new localized same-day shipping program when it arrives in your neck of the woods?

[Image via TechCrunch]