While WordPress got its start as a bloggers paradise, it has rapidly evolved into the most popular publishing platform on the internet. And now the site is expanding even more to specifically accommodate businesses by launching their newest addition, WordPress.com.

WordPress Business Accounts

Many owners of small and medium sized business decide against a business website due to the outrageous development cost, or simply the lack of knowhow to get a website up and running. But whether you are a business owner looking to modernize with an interactive website, starting up a website for a non-profit, or a professional blogger wanting to try out premium themes, WordPress. com has just what you need to get started.

What a business account will include

Business owners can expect all the perks when they sign up for a WordPress business account. The account will be completely advertisement free and include 50 premium themes, unlimited video and audio storage, advanced tools with support for custom web fonts, live chat support as well as a free domain name for the business’ site. These tools would benefit any business and is available for $299 annually.

Customer support will also be available for the business account during U.S. business hours (EST). And for the non tech savvy customers, or those who need a little extra guidance while customizing their sites, a “Happiness Engineer” will be there to assist you via text and voice chat.

Other WordPress. com Packages

If you feel that you don’t really need so many premium themes or unlimited storage, you could also consider the $99 Pro Bundle, or for the serious Business owner, check out the higher-end VIP and Enterprise versions. However, for the features it includes, the WordPress business account will definitely give you the best bang for your buck and ensure that you have a rich and engaging website to support your business.

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