PAR Works has launched a new platform based on augmented reality to help users find information about many everyday items.

This application has many practical uses. For instance, a user may create an augmented reality for a shopping center and identify where a specific store is located. It could also be used in making repairs to give you a picture with instructions on how to fix what is wrong.

Companies could create a tourist app that would query a user’s location and provide information about the restaurants located in the area based on the storefront.

New MARS Augmented Reality App Identifies Items Around You

You could create your own overlay by taking 20 to 30 photos of a building from every angle and then waiting for the app to create a 3D rendition. You could tag the hot spots with labels or URLs.

This MARS augmented reality app from PAR Works (Precision Augmented Reality Works, Inc) is a finalist for the SXSW Interactive Awards. While the company focuses on 3D augmented reality, this app is the first to offer instant recognition for things like places or products. It allows users to get instant information as soon as they take a photo.

PAR Works has their headquarters in Boston and works with the Virginia Tech technology development group.  Other companies offer 2D recognition, but none have the level of 3D recognition that PAR Works provides.

There are many potential uses for the MARs app and businesses and marketing companies will likely begin finding ways to use it for their benefit. It will allow companies the ability to provide instant information on their product for savvy customers to make comparisons. It might increase the potential for sales since the customer will be right in front of the item instead of doing research at home. Customers want to know information about their purchases immediately and the MARS app has the capability to provide that.

[Images via mashable & dailywireless]