Telenav Scout is a navigation service that allows you to find your way around any city you are in. The new Scout app has been launched for iPhone that offers new features and more comprehensive navigation capabilities. In the previous version, the usability was limited to getting directions and viewing maps. However, Telenav has upgraded the app to make it easy to share with your friends and family and send out notifications to people you know.

New Version of Telenav Scout Released for iPhone

The great thing about the new app is that multiple users can follow the same route and directions if they are to reach the same destination. It makes it easier for you to organize get-together events and parties without having to give directions to any of the invitees. On the other hand, if you are going to an event, you can let the host know about your time of arrival using the app as you will know approximately when you are going to reach there.

The update has been made exclusively to the iOS app for Telenav Scout. Even though the service is available on Android as well, there is no word yet on whether the updated app would be made available for that platform. One of the major new features is that you can share any location you are at or any event you want to invite your friends to via Facebook. The app allows you to make constant updates without delay.

The best thing is that the person you are sharing the direction or event with doesn’t need to have the Telenav Scout app for iPhone. This is because the app runs on HTML 5 and provides directions in the browsers which eliminate the need for having the app. The person/people you share the directions with will get the entire route mapped out for them. You can simply use the app to update the directions through Facebook and they will be shared with your friends.

You can also send out notifications about your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the host of the event you are headed to or if your friends are waiting for you at some place. The app will calculate the ETA based on the speed you are travelling at along with the distance travelled. The Telenav Scout also takes into account real-time traffic congestion data as well as the traffic lights and relevant speed limits. Without a doubt, the updated Telenav Scout app for iOS is a great improvement on the previous version.

[Image via theapplegoogle]