The new Android-based gaming console with open-source technology is nearing it’s debut date. Kickstarter backers of the inexpensive game console for television, can expect their console to be shipped on March 28th. The company has yet to reveal how many software titles will be offered. However, a recent report claims that the small, inexpensive console will at least offer emulators for the early backers to play.

OUYA: Android Based Gaming Console Shipped March 28th

Nintendo 64 and other emulators

Ouya owner and forum admin posted on his site that EMUya, a NES emulator has been presented to OUYA for review, and the plan is to have it available for play at the launch. The company has confirmed a few SNES emulators options, including the Mupen64Plus Nintendo 64 emulators which has been pre-approved to be included in the official store. This inclusion will allow gamers access without needing to sideload the titles themselves.

This is not the first news of emulators on OUYA. In January, footage of its developer kits surfaced, revealing some SNES titles and the console running Nintendo 64 games.

What to expect

There is still a lot of details yet to be revealed and many questions concerning the games that will be available at launch, such as how much content will be available and what will the quality of that content be.

Though OUYA makes a point to announce software partners whenever possible, it is still unclear exactly which games will be in the lineup when it comes time to launch. According to the video on the company’s kickstarter page, gamers can eventually expect a variety of games from shooting games and platformers to RPGs and even games from major gaming publishers.

Some of the titles mentioned in the video are Mine Craft and Canabalt. The company promises a full store of free to play games, including Twitch TV, where users can watch StarCraft and League of Legends.

Time will tell if Ouya is to become the Netflix of TV gaming, but considering it’s Kickstarter campaign accumulated over $8.5 million in funding, its a good sign that the console will have all the support it needs for success.

[Image via cinemablend]