The upcoming social network, Pheed, which was launched last year, topped the App Store’s social networks in late February. The social platform allows users to share photos, texts, video and audio. The majority of the site’s users are teenagers with 81% of them between the ages of 14-25.

Teensagers’ interest in Pheed blossomed after a few influential teens tweeted about the site and welcomed followers on Pheed. Acacia Brinley was the first to mention social network, followed by Pia Mia, Colin Ford and Garrett Backstorm.

Getting Started

The network is a free website and mobile app that you can access online or via the App Store. And sign-up is easy using Twitter and Facebook accounts or by entering your email address.

To complete sign-up you will need to subscribe to at least 3 channels by browsing through a list of usernames and images. There will be plenty of time for fully exploring channels after sign-in.


After signing in, you can start setting up your personal channel by writing your bio and adding a background image.

Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen to search for new  channel subscriptions or search through a list of “hashtags” for keywords to find specific content of interest.

Friend Invites

You will also be prompted to invite friends from Facebook and Twitter, or by sending an email or text message. Unlike most social networks, Pheed asks its users to be selective with their invites.

Zac Efron at the Pheed House in California

Zac Efron at the Pheed House in California


View your account by clicking on the person icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your settings where you can view your channel, manage notifications, find friends, update images and edit your profile.


To “Love” a Pheed, click on the heart icon, or share it to other social networks. For favorites, make it a “Keeper” to view anytime in the “Your Account” menu.

[Images via socialnewsdaily & fanpop]