More people are turning to their smartphones when looking for a job.  Proven is one such mobile app that allows people to apply for jobs directly from their smartphones.  Proven has just made the process a lot simpler for many folks with an update to its Android version.  The new update makes it possible for users to actually build resumes from scratch, all within the Proven app.

Proven: A Job Search App Proven to Help You Get a Job

Proven focuses primarily on helping people to find jobs within the service industry.  Workers such as restaurant servers, house cleaners, retail clerks, baristas, and others can use Proven to look for job posting across Craigslist and Indeed.  Previously, users had to import and store a resume in Proven if they wanted to use it in the job application process.  However, after talking to their users, Proven realized that many did not already have resumes.  Adding the option to build a resume within the app helps users by making the job hunting process easier.

The process is simple and allows users to build the resume by going through a process of steps within the app. Once the resume is built it is stored within the app.  From there it can be shared across job sites with the click of a button.  Users can also edit their resumes from within the app without having to go through the entire process again.  While users can only currently search across Craigslist and Indeed, the company is reportedly in the process of working out deals with other job search partners.  Those additional job search partners are expected to be available within the next couple of months.

Proven: A Job Search App Proven to Help You Get a Job

The additional of the ability to build a resume from within the app is sure to make it an attractive option for people looking for a simpler way to job hunt.  While the primary focus of the app has been on service workers, the app is also reportedly making inroads with workers in healthcare and administrative positions.  The iOS version of the app will also get the update in the next couple of weeks.

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