Roli has introduced a new touch sensitive Grand Piano called the Seaboard GRAND.  What makes the particular piano so unique is the fact that no foot pedals are required.  The keys are pressure sensitive and can flex in order to distinguish between intermittent and continuous input.  This device blends the tradition of a piano with the technology of electronic music into a state-of-the-art device.

Roli's Grand Piano: A New Way to Play

Seaboard GRAND’s features

The Seaboard model keyboard is unlike any previous keyboard or synthesizer, you can bend and slide pitches, change volume and timbre and add vibrato with just the pressure and sensitivity of a keystroke. This offers a rare sound and tone that is unlike any other piano ever made.

What is truly revolutionary about this device is the fact that no computer or specialized software is necessary. So, musical and tonal adjustments are created as the instrument is being played with no need to adjust knobs or dials.

This keyboard has a 3D surface that has a gesture inputs that can simulate also simulate the sounds of strings horns, guitars and other musical apparatus.  A traditional piano player will have no problem playing this but will also have the ability to alter the sound of individual keys as they’re being played to create a whole new playing experience.

The keyboard’s innovative interface

Sensory, Elastic and Adaptive (SEA) Interface, a patent-pending platform developed Roli founder Roland Lamb. The SEA Interface is constructed to detect tenuous gestures in a three-dimensional space and rapidly provide uninterrupted feedback. The potential for is this type of musical instrument is not limited to just pianos.  The company has other plans for its technology and is exploring alternative uses for it in robotics, gaming, medicine and vehicular control.

Shows and pre-orders

Roli plans to show off the Seaboard Grand at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival on March 14, 2013 with keyboard player Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater in an exclusive performance to demonstrate its versatility and musicality.The production company and will be taking pre-orders in April with an initial limited production of just 88 instruments.

[Image via engadget]