Snoox, a site that allows you to post and search recommendations, was launched last November, and is now available on Android and iOS for mobile use.The company’s plans to bring Snoox to mobile has been in the works since the launch of the site, and now after raising $2 million for development of both mobile platforms, the apps are ready as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

Snoox: Recommendations for Your Friends

What is Snoox?

Similar in design to  the major sharing site, Pinterest, Snoox is a site that lets users create image based boards, detailing their interests. However, unlike Pinterest, these boards don’t contain just pretty pictures or step by step directions for DIY projects, but instead the boards are intended to recommend places and things of interest to your friends and fellow Snoox users. Simply type your interest into the search bar and instantly be connected to the recommendations of your choosing.

Snoox: Recommendations for Your Friends

Location based searches

While image based sites typically have a better look and feel on the web, Snoox users are more likely to need recommendations when traveling or out on the town looking for entertainment. This is where the sites new mobile apps come into play, enabling users to search the site from wherever they are. Additionally, Snoox also offers location based recommendations through use of its GPS functions. This means that you can find recommended places to go, even if you are in an unfamiliar city.

Snoox: Recommendations for Your Friends

Future additions to the site

Snoox is not the only recommendation site on the web, and going mobile helps them compete with other sites like Stamped and Thumb.

Guy Poreh, Snoox’s founder, understands that mobile use of the site is detrimental to it’s success. He also plans to expand the site even further in the future, stating, “We want to be on web, mobile, TV, everything. But we’re starting with mobile”.

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