Generally speaking, when you receive a call on your smartphone, all you see is a screen with a number and perhaps a picture of the caller.  A new startup has set out to revolutionize your Caller ID screen.  This new startup, Thread, has seen the opportunity provided by that mostly blank screen.  Thread is launching an App that will allow you to see a customized screen that will contain the incoming caller’s latest Facebook and Twitter posts.  Not only that, you will also see  your most recent exchanges with the caller, including your recent text and emails with that person.  Conveniently, the screen will remain visible while you are speaking to the person which allows you to easily reference that information.

The company is based in Brooklyn and is currently seeking additional funding. The start up is capitalizing on the fact that every time you receive a call you look at the Caller ID screen.  In fact, there are over 2 billion calls made each day in the United States.  The app is providing the user with a richer experience, while doing something that is already part of routine behavior. Additionally, Thread is the only app that delivers pure content streams of text and images from Twitter and Facebook.  Thread gets rid of the promotional tweets and posts that are often mixed into Twitter and Facebook streams.

Thread App: The New Caller ID for Android

If you are interested in experiencing the app, you can take a look at the beta version.  The Thread app is currently only for Android, but the company is also working on delivering a version for iOS as well. They are also planning on adding integration for other networks.  So you will be able to integrate with other networks like Instagram, Evernote and LinkedIn. Soon, the blank screen will be a thing of the past, as Thread delivers a more useful and enjoyable experience to smartphone users.

[Images via betakit & agbeat]