From humble beginnings in 2008, Airbnb has expanded its operations worldwide, adding new features and hiring people on a regular basis. With the exposure that Airbnb has had, it seems safe to say that the startup has made a significant impact on how people deal with their travel bookings. It is thus no surprise that other startups have taken on the same concept, albeit with a spin. Remember DogVacay, the Airbnb for pets?


That may be for a totally different market, but there’s this new Asian group that is doing something very close to what Airbnb is doing. Named Travelmob, the concept is inherently the same: offer property listings for rent as an alternative to the conventional hotels and resorts that travelers look for. The main difference is that Travelmob is limiting its focus to the Asia Pacific region. Their top destinations include Bali, Bangkok, Goa, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kerala, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila, to name a few.

The geographical limitation is not all that Travelmob has as a unique point. They also highlight unusual properties for rent, which the more adventurous or discerning individual may prefer. For example, if you’ve always wanted to spend some nights on a yacht, you can search for an available rental via the web site. They also offer private islands for those who want to live like Richard Branson for a short period of time! Of course, for those of us who cannot afford to splurge on such luxuries, there are also regular rentals like spare rooms – such as the ones you will find via Airbnb.

Travelmob Could Be The Airbnb Of Asia

The Singaporean startup launched only in July of 2012, but has now thousands of listings in its portfolio. With the specific geographic focus and exotic rental opportunities, it is no wonder they are making a splash in the scene. Not to mention acquiring seed funding worth a million dollars late in 2012.

The next time you’re headed to the Asia Pacific region, you might want to check out Travelmob for your accommodations.

[Image via Business Insider]